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JGC Geoinformatics Systems SA Was founded in 1999 (as C. Vagias - I. Mougiakos - G. Bilirilis OE) with the object of representation of high technology systems. The aim of the company is to promote new technologies in the activities of modern engineer, analyzing the needs of its applications and proposing the optimal economic and technical solution, combining high quality of offered items and support services.

The company began in 1999 to represent Javad Positioning Systems in Greece and has been dynamically entering the field of satellite positioning systems since its first year of operation. In 2002, JGC was selected by Ashtech by Magellan Professional (formerly THALES Navigation) as the world's leading leader and leader, as its exclusive distributor in Greece for the range of professional products.

 The company's strategy to expand and complement its product range continues. In 2005 JGC entered into an agreement with PENTAX, the pioneer in the field of optical topographic instruments. In the same year, its collaboration with Canadian OPTECH began with the representation of state-of-the-art Laser Scanner systems in Greece. The range of products is further expanded in 2007 by representing the rapidly evolving NovAtel, a company active in the construction of GNU systems and in-line IMU products. In 2010, JGC continues to expand into Laser Scanner by entering into partnership with FARO and JRC 3D Reconstructor. The same year, it agrees with Handheld Europe AB to represent its products in Greece. Since the beginning of 2012, the company has taken over the representation in Greece of the Spectra Precision and Nikon Companies that belong to the Trimble Group, enhancing its range of geodetic-topographic equipment. At the same time, he is collaborating with the FLIR company for the production of thermographic equipment (cameras, binoculars). At the same time, the company's activities extend to Balkan countries.

Having gained the trust of more than 5,000 customers, including ministries, local government and utilities, construction and engineering companies, telecommunication companies, university institutes, armed forces - and of course - professional engineers, JGC has ranked 1st in The purchase of professional GPS / GNSS instruments, while steadily increasing its market share in optical topographic instruments.

In addition to the sale of the products it represents in Greece, the company provides technical support, training and service maintaining the high level of service after the purchase.

The company has a spectacular annual increase in its operations in the years 1999 to 2008, while turnover in 2008 amounted to € 3,500,000.00. The company employs ten people, six of which are engineers with deep knowledge of the subject, having postgraduate degrees and years of experience in topographic instruments and GNSS equipment.

The quality management system implemented by the company in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 / EN ISO 9001: 2008 was certified in June 2016 by the International Quality Certification Body under the GR / 030 / 2016-1 certificate number.

The change in the legal form of Omorithmi to Anonymous takes place in early 2008.

JGC offers to the Greek market the most technologically advanced geoinformation systems that meet the high demands of the applications of modern engineering in fields such as:

Geodesy and Topography
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Photogrammetric 3D editing
3D laser scanning
3D optical scanning
Navigation and motion control
Inertial systems
OEM solutions
3D Visualization
JGC owns the products of the companies:

Spectra Precision - Full range of topographic instruments
Nikon - Full range of topographic instruments
Ashtech - OEM GNSS Products
Optech - Laser Scanners
NovAtel - Full range of GNSS and IMU technology products - inertial systems
FARO-3D Laser Scanners
FLIR - Thermography products
Bentley - Software Developer
RESON - Sounders and hydrographic products
SenseFly - UAV Systems
Dji - Drones
PPM - Orientation systems
GSSI - Geodat
SECO Manufacturing CO. Inc - Topography Accessories
MDL Measurement Devices Ltd - Laser spacers
Pacific Crest Corporation - Radio Links
OIMEX Ltd - Professional sounders
GARMIN - GPS for recreation and navigation
JRC 3D Reconstructor - Software Development
Handheld Europe AB- Mobile Computers