Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner

The best portable 3D scanner for fast, photorealistic, high-precision 3D imaging

When analyzing the scene of a crime or crash or documenting a construction site, details make all the difference — and you have to gather them quickly, efficiently and accurately. That’s why specialty contractors, engineers, surveyors, architects, investigators, analysts, reconstructionists and prosecutors rely on the FARO Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner for fast, photorealistic 3D reality capture.

The FARO® Freestyle 2 is an advanced portable 3D scanner designed for professionals who demand speed and ease of scene capture.

The photorealistic 3D representation of reality gives fast and reliable results in real time.

The user can easily scan hard-to-reach small spaces with complete freedom of movement in his hand.


  • Easy to learn and use.
  • One-handed use for imprinting in hard-to-reach places.
  • Very light, less than 5 kg.
  • Connect to any Android or IOs device.
  • Photorealistic high definition results.
  • Reliability in scans

Real-Time Visualization

  • Display lets you view what you capture as you scan

Wide-Range of Scanning Distances

  • Captured 3D Points starts at 0.4 m
  • Can be set to a maximum of 10 m

Capture in Variety of Lighting Conditions

  • Designed for normally illuminated interiors and outdoors,
    including in overcast conditions
  • Even provides usable data in complete darkness

One-Hand Operation

  • Lightweight with no bulky tablet or long cables

Guided Scanning

  • Haptic feedback alerts operator when adjustments need to
    be made to the users scanning technique
  • Proprietary tracking engine enables users to make natural
    movements while scanning

On-Site Compensation

  • White-balancing, post-processing can be done at the scene
  • No annual calibration required

Integrated Training

  • Live display of data quality with integrated training videos,
    and tutorials


Performance Specifications
0.4 – 5 m (up to 10 m with limited data quality)
Identifiable feature
Up to 0.2 mm
3D point accuracy
≤0.5 mm
Long range accuracy
0.5 mm at 1 m distance
5 mm at 5 m distance
15 mm at 10 m distance
Single image point density
Up to 45,000 points/m² in 0.5 m distance
Up to 10,500 points/m² in 1 m distance
Acquisition Rate
Up to 220,000 points/s, point cloud density increases with time
Typical Noise
0.3 mm @ 0.4 m distance
35 mm @ 5 m distance
0.75 mm @ 1 m distance
100 mm @ 10 m distance
10 mm @ 3 m distance
Lighting conditions
Full daylight, 10,000-45,000 lux (reduced performance in direct sunlight)
Light source
Integrated LED flash
Scan volume
39.5 m³ @ max range 5 m
Typical field of view (HxW)
420 mm x 550 mm @ 0.5 m
2740 mm x 3160 mm @ 3 m
930 mm x 1170 mm @ 1 m
3600 mm x 4160 mm @ 4 m
1800 mm x 2160 mm @ 2 m
4470 mm x 5150 mm @ 5 m
Exposure time
0.1 ms – 7 ms (autoexposure)
Texture color
24 bit
285 mm x 256 mm x 130 mm
HDMI, USB 3.0, WiFi
1.48 kg
IP rating
IP 52
Onsite – with supplied compensation plate
Op temperature range
0 – 40° C
Op humidity range
Eye Safety
Class 1 Laser
798-816 nm




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