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SECO offers a wide variety of accessory products used with surveying instruments, GPS/GNSS, GIS, and construction equipment.

SECO Manufacturing Co., enjoys a worldwide reputation for being on the cutting edge of designing and manufacturing tools and accessories for surveying, construction, utilities and other industries that use GPS/GNSS technology.

SECO products are sold through a global network of instrument dealers and distributors and also as custom-built, private-labeled products for OEMs. SECO product managers are known for coming up with solutions for any kind of field requirement to meet customer needs. It’s also become a world-wide supplier of these products, with dealers in almost every continent.

SECO, based in Redding, CA, has manufacturing facilities in Redding and Tecate, Mexico. It controls all facets of its manufacturing business. SECO’s 82,500 square-foot manufacturing plant in Redding, CA is home to more than 100 full-time professionals. The plant houses our company headquarters, customer service team, engineering, research and development, and a complete manufacturing facility. The facilities include machining, anodizing, electrostatic powder-painting, and silk-screening departments.

In addition to design, machining, and manufacturing products in wood, fiberglass and metal, the company also does anodizing, electrostatic powder-painting and silk-screening. Sewn goods such as vests and bags are made in Mexico.

Precision manufacturing, quality focus, and skilled workmanship provide consistency to always meet and exceed customers’ expectations. SECO’s continued goal is to be the best accessories supplier for the surveying, construction, safety, monitoring and infrastructure markets. This ongoing mission will ensure that investing in SECO brand products will remain the smartest investment for productivity and longevity in the field.

Rounding out the SECO inventory, we also offer entry-level third-party manufactured products for those customers who do not have the budget or need for long-lasting SECO manufactured products. We welcome dealers to contact your SECO representative about all the products found on this website, to stock the best combination of products for your accessory needs.

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