Use of GIS technology

The meeting of criminology with geoinformatics creates an exciting field called “spatial criminology” or “geo-criminology”.


Criminology focuses on the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and other spatial analysis technologies to study crime patterns, predict crime, analyze the causes of crime, and develop effective strategies to deal with crime.

3D laser scanners can accurately capture detailed 3D representations of crime scenes. This technology allows investigators to document and analyze the crime scene more thoroughly, preserving valuable evidence and creating accurate digital reconstructions for later analysis.

Scanners can be used to document and analyze physical evidence such as bullet paths, bloodstains and fingerprints. The detailed 3D data collected by the scanners can help experts reconstruct events and provide insight into how a crime may have occurred.

By combining 3D crime scene scans with additional data and software, investigators can create virtual representations of crime scenes. These reconstructions can be used for educational purposes, courtroom presentations, and to aid in the investigative process by providing multiple viewpoints and perspectives.

Software tools allow law enforcement to analyze 3D data obtained from crime scenes, allowing them to measure distances, angles and other spatial relationships with precision. This analysis can help investigators understand the spatial dynamics of a crime and identify key elements of the scene.

Detailed 3D renderings can be used as compelling visual aids in courtrooms. By presenting accurate and detailed representations of crime scenes, prosecutors and defense attorneys can better communicate complex information to judges and juries.

Overall, it offers valuable tools for crime scene investigation, evidence analysis and courtroom presentations, enhancing the capabilities of private investigative agencies and experts in the pursuit of justice.


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