Designed to Innovate

At YellowScan, they design, develop and manufacture LiDAR solutions for professionals who demand performance, robustness and accuracy. Their hardware and software solutions are easy-to-use data collection tools that come with expert training and support.

Founded in 2012 in the South of France, Yellowscan has expanded its reach globally, with sales representatives, customer training and support around the world.

Their products feature integrated laser scanners, INS, GNSS receivers and on-board computers, designed to meet the highest accuracy requirements for 3D mapping applications.

Customers spanning industries such as geography, forestry, environmental research, archaeology, industrial inspection, civil engineering and mining rely on Yellowscan products worldwide. The company offers a complete ecosystem for its users, featuring a flexible and robust LiDAR system design.

With real-time data synchronization and processing capabilities, combined with accuracy, Yellowscan products ensure seamless workflow integration, CAD/GIS ready and hands-on assistance for survey planning and operations, data classification, accuracy assessment and quality control .

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