Facilities Management

Ensure functionality

Facilities management refers to the overall planning, organization, construction, operation and maintenance of an organization’s physical infrastructure. It usually involves the management of buildings, equipment, energy systems, security, water supply, drainage, air conditioning and other infrastructure.


Facility managers take responsibility for ensuring that facilities are functional, efficient, safe and responsive to user needs. This includes preventing problems, fixing problems that do occur, and improving facility performance.

Facility management typically includes the following activities:

  • Facility Maintenance: This includes regular maintenance and repair of physical infrastructure to ensure proper operation and reduce the likelihood of problems occurring.
  • Safety and security: Includes developing and implementing safety and security policies to prevent accidents and protect personnel and facilities from threats.
  • Energy management: It includes the analysis and optimization of the energy consumption of the facilities with the aim of reducing costs and the burden on the environment.
  • Financial Management: It deals with budgeting, financing and controlling costs related to the operation and maintenance of facilities.
  • Design and development: It involves the design and development of new facilities or the modernization of existing ones to meet the needs of the organization.

Overall, facilities management is a complex field that requires the application of various skills and knowledge to ensure the effective and efficient operation of an organization’s facilities.

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