Imagining the Future in 3D Technology

Innovators around the world depend on FARO 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology. Their advanced solutions bring precision and speed to manufacturing; architecture, engineering and construction (AEC); public safety; and more. 

Headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, with over 25 offices around the world, FARO provides leading-edge measurement solutions, outstanding customer support and steady industry leadership. 

Fittingly, FARO isn’t just an acronym for Frasier and Raab Orthopedics, but a derivative of the ancient Greek word “pharos,” meaning lighthouse — a beacon for people seeking the path forward in both the literal and figurative sense. Today, FARO is proud to continue helping customers see further, realize their vision and successfully navigate through any rough tides that come their way.

FARO is an imaging company — and an imagining company. They imagine a better, more insightful and capable world realized through 3D digital means and measurement technologies. From the beginning, they’ve been helping our customers make better decisions more quickly and accurately than anyone in the industry.

They believe if it can be dreamed, it can be measured. And if it can be measured, it can be realized.

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