Reverse engineering

3D Digitization

Reverse Engineering is defined as the process of creating a copy of a hardware object, subsystem or product. This is achieved by the 3D digitization of the object where a point cloud is created (Point Cloud), and converted into a 3D geometric model-CAD drawing and in the final stage the actual model is constructed.


“Reverse engineering” refers to a process where a product or technology is designed from the ground up. Rather than starting with a set of plans or ideas and working towards their implementation, reverse engineering starts with the desired end result and looks at ways to get there.

This may involve analyzing the requirements, functional characteristics and constraints that will define the final product, and then working backwards to formulate the solutions needed to achieve this. Commonly used in product and technology design.

Today this practice finds applications in computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, chemical engineering, and systems biology.


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