Fields of modern engineering

Below you will find all the available applications offered by JGC in the Greek market.


They are used to store, visualize, analyze and interpret geographic data.

Reverse Engineering

Defines the process of making a copy of a hardware object, subsystem or product.

Restoration & Insurance

A process by which you upgrade or change the look, functionality and feel of interior spaces

Geology & Geophysics

Two sciences which are important for understanding the natural processes and possible dangers of our planet.

Public Safety

It is about the protection and safety of the public, as well as society as a whole, from various threats and dangers.

Facilities Management

It refers to the overall planning, organization, construction, operation & maintenance of an organization's physical infrastructure.


The meeting of forensics with geoinformatics creates an exciting field called "geo-criminology".

Energy & Renewable Sources

Energy and renewable sources are important issues in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Underground Network & Cable Detection

The process of locating utility lines and cables that run underground.


An imaging technique that uses heat rays to create images of temperatures in an object or systems.

Non Destructive Testing

Tests that do not cause great damage or danger to the environment or people can be experiments or tests.


It refers to the process or ability to determine the location of an object, whether in the physical or virtual world.


The science concerned with the description and cartographic identification of the soil, the earth's surface and its physical features.

3D Scanning

It refers to the process of recording three-dimensional objects or environments using special systems or devices.


Photogrammetry is the science and technique of measuring light levels and color hues in a photographic or optical system.


Mapping is the science and art of creating maps that depict geographic information.

Oceanography & Hydrography

Important fields of research and applications, with significant implications for human society and our planet.

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