Non Destructive Testing

Safe acquisition of knowledge

Non destructive testing can be experiments or tests conducted to study a system, material or process without causing major damage or danger to the environment or people.


Non destructive testing is usually safe and carefully designed, with the goal of gaining knowledge or confirming theories.

Examples of non-destructive testing include:

  • Materials Testing: Measuring the strength of materials under various loading conditions without irreparably wearing out.
  • Mechanism Testing: Studying the operation of a mechanism without destroying it to understand how it works.
  • Equipment Testing: Performance or safety testing of equipment under various conditions without subjecting it to destructive stress.
  • Non-Destructive Testing: Using methods such as ultrasound or X-rays to detect flaws or imperfections in materials or structures without damaging them.
  • Environmental Conditions Testing: Study of the reaction of a system or material to various environmental conditions.

These tests are important for advancement in various fields such as engineering, logistics, medicine, aeronautics and many others.

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