Compatible and Comfortable

ZWCAD is a fast and powerful 2D CAD solution that offers unparalleled compatibility with AutoCAD®3. It empowers architects, engineers, and designers in the AEC and manufacturing industries to effortlessly bring their creative visions to life.

The most affordable and complete CAD software solution!

  • ZwCAD is the most reliable and affordable CAD software alternative. It uses DWG format and can read, edit and save files created with AutoCAD (2.5-R14-2012) or other software.
  • With over 50,000 users in over 42 countries, it’s the smartest choice for engineers, designers and anyone who wants to view or create professional 2D & 3D designs.
  • ZwCAD is fully customizable with lisp, C++ (ADS), and VBA.

Basic features:

  • Full compatibility with AutoCAD (v2.5-…)
  • Save in DWG & DXF format
  • AutoCAD Command line support All CAD functions integrated
  • True Color System
  • Enhanced text capabilities
  • Compatibility with Greek fonts

Additional Features:

  • Fast re-creation of designs
  • Easy retrieval and control of designs
  • Easy property management of design layers
  • Easy management of line and block types
  • Dynamic and upgraded copywriter
  • Upgraded dimensioning capabilities
  • Real time pan & zoom and during print preview
  • Polar & Object snap tracking
  • ActiveX support
  • Management of external reports
  • Manage raster files
  • Digitization capabilities
  • Solid drawing capabilities
  • Visual customization of menus and toolboxes
  • Customization with Script Recorder & VBA
  • Free provision of updated and improved copies of the software (new versions are not an upgrade)



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