Trimble MX7

Easy mobile image capture system.

The Trimble® MX7 mobile mapping system makes it easier for your team to manage assets. Collect 360-degree images in the field, then extract and analyze image data in the office. Welcome to the world of mobile imaging.

Utilize the Trimble MX7 to capture 360-degree, geo-referenced images at highway speeds to vastly reduce project operating cost whilst improving public safety. Then, use Trimble MX software to organize, visualize, interpret and efficiently extract structured data that can be integrated into a GIS and shared across your organization or via the Internet.

The Trimble MX7 Mobile Mapping Imaging system is a fast and cost effective way to manage assets such as bridges, buildings, roads, highways, and power stations, and document site conditions with geo-referenced images.

The Trimble MX7 with VISION™ technology is a vehicle-mounted photogrammetric system equipped with six, 5 megapixel cameras, and Trimble Applanix GNSS and inertial geo-referencing modules. The Trimble MX7 can be deployed on vehicles of all sizes, letting you capture 30 MP geo-referenced images at highway speeds.

  • Rapid 360-degree geo-referenced image documentation
  • Precision positioning using GNSS and inertial referencing system
  • Deploys on all sizes of vehicles
  • Rugged, reliable and lightweight design with low power consumption
  • Use with intuitive Trimble Mobile Imaging Capture software

Trimble MX7 quickly and safely captures road, infrastructure and city environmental data in static or mobile positions, up to highway speeds. Trimble MX7 mobile imaging for asset management, offers:

  • Resolution:
    30 MP (5 MP x 6 CMOS sensor)
  • Field of view:
    90% of full sphere
  • Weight:
    11.3 kg
  • Operating temperature:
    0 °C to +35 °C
  • IP rating (sensor unit):
  • Positioning sub-system:
    Embedded Trimble GNSS-inertial system


  • The Trimble MX7 allows you to visually observe and capture the job site, then produce deliverables in the office later using Trimble Trident and Applanix POSPac™ MMS software. Trident Imaging Hub software is available with the system and offers robust object positioning, measurement, data layer creation, 3D models and analysis of geo-referenced imager


  • Local government: asset inventory and management, city models
  • Mining: construction, monitoring
  • Oil and Gas: site monitoring, asset tracking, change detection
  • Utilities: electrical, pipelines
  • Large scale mapping
  • Roads: condition surveys, visualization, maintenance


Below, you will find the main features of the product.

Perfect for newcomers

If you are new to mobile mapping, Trimble MX7 is the best mobile imaging device for you. Collect field panoramas, then complete asset management workflows.

Via WiFi-enabled PC or tablet

Use the easy-to-use, intuitive Trimble MX software to set system parameters, manage data recording and plan your project.

Collecting the best images

The MX7 comes complete with six separate 5 megapixel CMOS-sensors and a Trimble Applanix GNSS and inertial georeferencing system.

Do more with Trimble MX software

The optionally included office software enables you to extract, analyze and measure the images you've collected in the field, then publish them online.

Varied Applications

Trimble transforms data into real-world intelligence using the most progressive, reliable and accurate precision technology to meet needs of varied applications.

The future of your work

Trimble facilitates high quality, productive workflows and data exchange, driving value for a global, diverse user base.


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