Trimble X7

Powerful performance made simple.

The high-speed Trimble® X7 3D laser scanning system delivers fast and accurate results every time for surveyors and geospatial professionals. Take this compact and easy-to-use scanner anywhere with confidence.

Combine simple workflows with smart features for a productive scanning experience. Trust the X7 to handle complex projects with intuitive workflows, powered by Trimble Perspective field software. Stay calibrated while processing your data simply and effortlessly. 

Automatic calibration:
Sending in your laser scanner for calibration is a problem of the past; automatically detect any issues in real time, guaranteeing performance and accuracy.

Streamlined software workflows:
Fully integrated with Trimble Perspective software for comprehensive registration workflows to accomplish more in the field.

The X7 is a high-speed 3D laser scanning system with advanced technologies to simplify adoption, increase efficiency and provide confidence in the field. Trimble X7 with innovative technology and simple workflows for all users, offers:

  • Scan speed:
    Up to 500 kHz
  • Scan range:
    0.6 m–80 m
  • Scan times:
    < 2 min to 15 min
  • Auto-calibration:
    No targets or user interaction for accuracy on every scan
  • Self-leveling:
    <3″ with tilt compensation range of ±10°
  • Environmental protection:
  • Operating temperature:
    -20°C to +50°C
  • Ease of use:
    Intuitive Trimble Perspective workflows


Below, you will find the main features of the product.

Breakthrough innovations

Innovative field-proved automatic calibration and self-leveling ensures accurate data and easy setup to guarantee consistent results.

Reality capture for the real world

Laser pointer and Trimble Perspective precision point measurement allows georeferencing of scan data in the field to relevant, real world coordinates.

Intuitive & powerful

Trimble Perspective provides unparalleled clarity in the field with automatic scan registration and full 3D visibility to validate data in real time.

Complete scanning solution

With Trimble Business Center or RealWorks™ software leverage advanced application specific tools for registration, scan analysis and design to enhance final deliverables.

Varied Applications

Trimble transforms data into real-world intelligence using the most progressive, reliable and accurate precision technology to meet needs of varied applications.

The future of your work

Trimble facilitates high quality, productive workflows and data exchange, driving value for a global, diverse user base.


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