Innovmetric PolyWorks

3D Dimensional Analysis & Quality Control

Innovmetric’s PolyWorks Software is a complete laser scanning data processing package and covers all 3D scanning applications. It is natively 64-bit software for better memory utilization when managing point clouds and high volume polygon models.

Polyworks/Surveyor includes:

  • IMInspect: Allows management and analysis of clouds and polygon models. It has advanced tools for the direct comparison of any combination of these, for the measurement of lengths, heights, angles, radii, volumes, for the semi-automatic extraction of features from the point cloud (edges, cables, road alignments, piping, etc.), for the adjustment (fitting) of 2D or 3D objects (plane, circle, sphere, cylinder, cone, etc.), for the automatic creation of multiple sections in any position, for the creation of DTM with respect to any plane and for the export of result files in DWG/DXF, IGES format , ASCII, HTML, etc., as well as in video format (AVIfiles).

Polyworks/Modeler includes:

  • IMMerge: Allows the creation of real 3D models for particularly complex objects by providing the possibility of parallel processing by several computers in a network.
  • IMEdit: Includes highly sophisticated tools for editing polygonal 3D models covering tasks from correction, filling, optimization, smoothing of models to the use of mathematical surfaces and NURBS generation.
  • IMCompress: Compresses polygonal 3D models to limit their size, through special algorithms that preserve their geometric form.

Polyworks/Modeler & Inspector:

  • Includes a combination of all of the above.

Among others, it is suitable for the following applications:

  • Recording and monitoring of large technical projects (tunnels, bridges, dams, roads, etc.).
  • Recording and monitoring of earthworks in mines, mines, quarries.
  • Archaeological applications
  • Architectural applications
  • Geological applications
  • Industrial applications
  • 3D modeling and virtual reality applications

PolyWorks is offered in three different packages:

  1. PolyWorks/Surveyor
  2. PolyWorks/Modeler
  3. PolyWorks/Modeler & Inspector



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