Elios 3

Digitizing the inaccessible

Quickly turn asset data into digital insights, with Elios 3 – the first mapping and inspection indoor drone, offering an unmatched combination of intelligence, versatility and stability.

Much more than a flying camera, Elios 3 is a powerful data-harvesting tool.

Based on the power of computer vision and LiDAR mapping, the Elios 3 is a versatile indoor drone that opens doors to a world where performing systematic inspections does not require months of training. Reporting is done intuitively on a 3D model of your asset and situational awareness is built into the pilot.

Modular Payload Bay

  • The payload bay has two slots.
  • One dedicated to LiDAR and one for auxiliary payloads.
  • This unique integrated design provides air circulation capabilities for a range of indoor applications. It turns the Elios 3 into a versatile, waterproof tool, configured to fit your mission needs.


  • Elios 3 automatically monitors the live video connection. When the video feed is interrupted, the drone displays a pop-up window in the Cockpit, offering to autonomously return to its original trajectory until the video connection is restored.
  • The Return-to-Signal function provides additional peace of mind for the pilot to explore further even in marginal radio signal conditions.

Tough design

  • Elios 3 is suitable for use in the most complex industrial settings.
  • With its signature cage and unique reversing motors, the Elios 3 is the only drone on the market that can recover from upside down without crashing.
  • The rugged IP-44 design allows inspection and mapping of harsh environments without the worry of water and dust.

Exclusive payload for close inspection

  • The static payload now comes with a fully unobstructed 180° field of view on a 4K thermal camera and a distance sensor.
  • The lighting system has been revised to provide an even more powerful and homogeneous lighting experience. Thanks to the industry-leading and dust-resistant lighting system, searching for holes, cracks or build-ups is as easy as manual operation with a flashlight.
  • The Elios 3 close-up inspection payload delivers stunning image quality that is consistently smooth, even in total darkness.

Extended time in the air

  • Elios 3 offers up to 12 minutes of flight time* so you can go the extra mile on every flight. With a new insertion and locking mechanism, handling the battery is easier than ever.*Flight time without payload installed.

Features at a glance

SLAM-Based Stabilization

The all-new SLAM-based stabilization algorithm captures the smallest unpredicted movements of the drone and instructs the flight controller to compensate. This allows the drone to float in the air stably, even in the most difficult conditions. With the Elios 3, pilots of all skill levels will succeed in performing complex missions with almost no training.

3D Map in Real Time

The built-in LiDAR continuously scans the environment to create a high-density point map. This map is instantly displayed in the Cockpit app, empowering pilots with excellent location awareness.

3D Reporting

From data collection to decision making, Inspector 4.0 and Elios 3 work hand-in-hand to provide operational continuity, enhancing your efficiency at every step of the inspection process.




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