Survey Office Software

Positions itself as the single office software for Surveying professionals.

The Survey Office office software is the ideal all-in-one package for analyzing and processing GPS and GNSS data, as well as measurements from optical geodetic stations as well as their export in various formats.

The Survey Office office software is the ideal all-in-one package for analyzing and processing GPS and GNSS data, as well as measurements from optical geodetic stations as well as their export in various formats. From the measurement management of geodetic stations and GNSS receivers, Scanners, Drones, to CAD and GIS functions, Survey Office will cover all your needs, as it uniquely merges the capabilities of managing all data up to the export of deliverables.

Version 5 is a major facelift of the software, as now the environment has been completely renewed and has become even more user-friendly, its capabilities have been renewed and are able to cover a wide range of applications, from simple surveying and surveying applications to Scanning applications, GIS, photogrammetric processing with data obtained with drones, etc. More specifically, the following tools have been added or renewed in the new version: Aerial Photogrammetry, GIS, Scanning, Tunneling while the licenses have been renewed and renamed: Field Data, Survey Intermediate Edition, Survey Advanced Edition.

The new version 5.50 that has just been released has been enriched with a number of new features, such as indicatively the new visualization of repair results through histograms, interface with Android devices, creation of presentations of the deliverables through Trimble Clarity, support for new receivers such as Spectra’s SP85, support for the new Augmented Reality of Trimble’s SiteVision system, new tools for editing point clouds (creating lines in surface sections, improvements in the registration process, smoothing surfaces, etc.) and many new CAD functions.

Major Upgrades for Version 5.50 (June 2021)

The software fully supports import and export of survey data collected using the latest Spectra Geospatial field software: Origin. Origin is a modern full-featured software supporting Android and Windows designed to meet surveying needs and intended as an upgrade / replacement for Spectra Geospatial Survey Pro

Import and edit DJI flight data – Use the new Import DJI UAV data command to import an RTK flight file collected from a DJI Phantom 4 RTK. Then process the data and create deliverables (point clouds, elevations / and orthomosaics) to SO or transfer the data to UASMaster for further processing.

Read more about the upgrades of the new version here.

Three licensed options are offered as well as the license-free, free Viewer version. As in previous releases of the software, each subsequent one includes the functions of the previous one:

  • Viewer (Unlicensed)
  • Field Data
  • Survey Intermediate
  • Survey Advanced

Survey Office software offers four modules to support specific workflows for surveying and construction applications:

  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • GIS
  • Scanning
  • Tunneling

Software versions

Viewer (unlicensed):

This version is intended for field operators and allows users to quickly import field data and plot data for export to Survey Pro software with Spectra and Trimble file formats. The use of the software in this mode does not require the purchase of a license and provides a limited ability to modify the data.

Field Data:

Aimed at field engineers and professional CAD designers, this edition allows users to export their data to other formats using standard formats, perform basic CAD operations, edit GIS feature libraries, maintain data quality control, and edit elevations data.

Survey Intermediate:

In addition to the features of the Field Data version, the Intermediate version includes the ability to solve GNSS data, solve routes, fix networks and create local systems. With the Intermediate version, users can also create and edit surfaces, axes, and contours. You can also load images as map backgrounds and export them to the field software.

Survey Advanced:

This is the recommended version for most professional engineers who want an even greater number of field to finish functions. The Survey Advanced edition allows users to process images, edit and create survey data, use even more advanced COGO and CAD tools, and design and inspect road construction projects.

Workflow modules

Aerial Photogrammetry

This section is intended for users who wish to photogrammetrically process data obtained from drones. The user is fully provided with the possibility to edit the data within the software but also autonomously in the stand alone UAS Master software. This module requires the purchase of the Survey Intermediate edition.


This module is intended for professionals providing project deliverables in an ESRI environment and enables seamless integration of high-precision survey data from field software into GIS database platforms. This module requires purchase of the Field Data edition.


This module allows survey and construction professionals to process point clouds produced by 3D scanners, create orthophotos, complete scan registration and create automatic classification. You can create deliverables from the Trimble SX10 as well as point clouds from other sources. This module requires the purchase of the Survey Advanced edition.


This module is intended for tunnel contractors and allows users to create and edit tunnel models for Trimble Access software and generate custom construction and geometric as-built reports from total stations or scanning instruments. This module requires the purchase of the Survey Advanced edition.

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