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Teledyne Reason Seabat T50 Extended Range

Key Features:

​The SeaBat T50 Extended Range is the very latest addition to the leading SeaBat T-series product range, engineered from the ground up to evolve with your business. Combined with a very compact Rack-mounted Sonar Processor (RSP), the SeaBat T50 Extended Rangeproduces unprecedented clean data, at unprecedented resolution, providing faster operational surveys and reduced processing time.

The SeaBat T50 Extended Range is fully frequency agile from 150 to 420 kHz, allowing for extremely high resolution surveys in very shallow waters and with the capability to operate out to about 900m water depth!
  • ​All-in-one, fully flexible and fully integrated survey system
  • The compact system allows for fast mobilization, minimal interfacing and extremely low space requirements.
  • Extremely high resolution in shallow water and impressive range performance in deep water.
  • Fully frequency agile from 150 to 420 kHz, allowing for continuous operation from shallow to deep.
  • The new compressed water column data significantly reduces data volume while maintaining the necessary information.

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