Bowtech X Light

Subsea Bright Deepwater 24Vdc LED Panel Floodlight

The Teledyne Bowtech 6000m rated X Light is a bright 10,000 lumens, 24Vdc, subsea LED panel floodlight, emitting 10,000 lumens ideal for use on larger lower-powered, deepwater vehicles such as trenchers, tractors, and work class ROVs.

Housed in hard anodised aluminium, the X Light has a diameter of 103mm, a length of 132mm, and a width of 57.6mm (excluding connector) and is offered with a choice of connectors and wiring configurations.

The X Light has a selection of controls, including normal ON / OFF power switching and dimming controls via either remote analogue voltage control or ‘Remote active dimming control’ through the Teledyne Bowtech browser (supplied on a USB stick) via an RS-485 interface.

If you are unsure of the correct specification when ordering these lights, please contact a member of our sales team to discuss your preferred lumens output, connector and wiring configuration.

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