BlueView M450 Mk2

2D imaging sonar

BlueView M450 Mk2 by Teledyne Marine is a compact full-featured 2D multibeam imaging sonar in a compact form factor with low power requirements.

The BlueView M450 Mk2 boasts a wide 130-degree field of view, providing extensive coverage for underwater imaging tasks. With its low power DC interface, it ensures efficient energy usage, ideal for prolonged operations. Additionally, its simple interface makes it easy to connect and operate, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

Moreover, it offers the capability to capture sonar video accompanied by position data, enabling comprehensive underwater mapping and monitoring activities. Delivers high-quality sonar imagery over a wide field of view with leading data quality.

The M-series Mk2 open nose cone design is a no-com-promise design focusing on delivering the best acoustic performance to increase image quality and improve range performance.

All M Series sonar operate while in motion or from a stationary position delivering real-time imagery and data.

It provides real-time video-like imagery, enabling users to capture and view footage in real-time with high clarity. Additionally, it boasts motion-immune imagery, ensuring that images remain stable and clear even in dynamic or turbulent underwater environments. The ability to record raw acoustic data enhances control during playback, allowing for precise analysis and adjustments. Moreover, the device supports point-to-point measurements, facilitating accurate distance calculations and spatial analysis. Furthermore, it features automatic and manual acoustic source level control, giving users flexibility in adjusting and optimizing sound levels based on their specific needs.

Its open nose cone design ensures superior data quality, allowing for clear and accurate data collection without interference. Additionally, its robust construction, including a splash-mate connector, enhances durability and reliability in challenging underwater conditions. Moreover, its low-frequency capability enables the longest range performance, ensuring that users can capture data from distant targets with precision and efficiency. Overall, these benefits make the device well-suited for a wide range of underwater applications, from research and exploration to industrial inspections and environmental monitoring.




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