BlueView M900-2250-130-Mk2

2D imaging sonar

​The dual-frequency 900 kHz and 2250 kHz provide the most versatility of any 2D imaging sonar.

The 900 kHz offers high-resolution long range navigation, object detection, and obstacle avoidance, while the 2250 kHz provides ultra-high resolution at close range. ROV navigation, hull inspections, structure inspections, diver monitoring, and search and recovery are a few applications that benefit from the dual-frequency’s imaging capabilities.

The M900/2250-Mk2 features a unique dual-frequency combination, a wide 130° field of view, leading data quality, a compact and low-power design, and the ability to capture sonar video and position data.

The package includes

  • real-time video-like imagery,
  • motion-immune imagery,
  • the ability to record raw acoustic data for enhanced controls during playback,
  • point-to-point measurements,
  • and both automatic and manual acoustic source level control.

The benefits include

  • an open nose cone for superior data quality,
  • enhanced long-range performance,
  • a robust design with a splash-mate connector,
  • and optimization for ROV use when high situational awareness is required.
  • Additionally, it offers a wide 130° field of view for both 900kHz long-range and 2250kHz high-resolution imaging, ensuring high situational awareness.

All M Series sonar operate while in motion or from a stationary position delivering real-time imagery and data.




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