Trimble TDL450B

Built to last and versatile

The high-speed wireless Trimble® TDL450B UHF data radio broadcasts, repeats and receives data used by Trimble GNSS receivers for real-time correction data. Solve signal strength issues and make adjustments to stay productive, even in the toughest conditions.

With advanced wireless Bluetooth® communication and rugged design, the TDL450B UHF radio enables easy integration with GNSS receivers, even in harsh environments.

Easy setup and configuration:
Connecting via Bluetooth to GNSS receivers reduces setup complexity and reduces a common failure point in radio systems.

Built to last in harsh conditions:
An IP67 rating and military-spec design ensures reliable operation and the ability to work in higher ambient temperatures. Get more work done in all weather.

The TDL450B includes the latest Trimble radio technology, providing you with optimal performance in the field. Trimble TDL450B with UHF radio to transmit and receive GNSS corrections, offers:

  • Frequency range:
    403–473 MHz
  • Over-the-air link rate:
    4,800 to 19,200 bps
  • Configurable maximum Tx power:
    Up to 35 W
  • Corrections for GNSS receivers:
    1 Hz RTK
  • Environment:
    IP67 rated
  • Vibration:


Below, you will find the main features of the product.

Built for harsh conditions

The TDL450B military-spec design and full metal construction, with an IP67 rating, guarantees resilience to impact and weather.

Full-function user interface

Easy to configure and troubleshoot, with adaptable batteries that allow you to dial up or use a lower power outlet depending on field size and needs.

Use with Trimble GNSS receivers

Capable of broadcasting, repeating and receiving real-time data used by Trimble GNSS receivers. Mount it on the same tripod as the receiver or on its own tripod.

Solve challenges in the field

Provides access to diagnostic data with a high over-the-air link rate, enabling you to solve signal strength issues and make adjustments to stay productive.

Varied Applications

Trimble transforms data into real-world intelligence using the most progressive, reliable and accurate precision technology to meet needs of varied applications.

The future of your work

Trimble facilitates high quality, productive workflows and data exchange, driving value for a global, diverse user base.


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