Trimble R780

Freedom to work your way.

The Trimble® R780 GNSS receiver allows you to choose your configuration and scale up by adding additional features. With robust GNSS positioning technologies, trust this ultra-durable receiver to boost your productivity and flexibility in any environment.

The durability and precision to take on challenging surveying environments. Maximize accuracy and efficiency with the Trimble R780 which offers the features you need to tackle even the toughest challenges with ease and confidence.

Unleash maximum accuracy:
With industry-leading Trimble ProPoint® technology, you can trust the R780 receiver to deliver precise and reliable results in challenging GNSS environments every time.

Stake out with confidence:
Quickly and safely stake out or measure points without the need to level the pole with Trimble TIP™ technology.

Get precise and reliable results with the R780, with continuous coverage and flexible configurations to meet your changing survey needs.  Trimble R780 that is bringing precision to challenging survey projects, offers:

  • Configurations:
    Base & rover, rover or base
  • Real-time kinematic:
    8 mm H/15 mm V
  • TIP positioning performance:
    RTK + 8 mm + 0.5 mm/° tilt
  • CenterPoint RTX:
    2 cm H/3 cm V
  • Ultra-rugged:
  • Dual-band UHF Radio:
    450/900 MHz


Below, you will find the main features of the product.

Licensing that works for you

Available as a perpetual or yearly subscription license. Choose the receiver configuration and license term that suits your survey needs, now and in the future.

Stake out with efficiency

Revolutionize the way you survey with Trimble TIP™ technology. Stake out or measure points without any hassle using IMU-powered tilt compensation.

Keep your work moving

With Trimble xFill® technology, downtime in the field is a thing of the past. Receive continuous RTK coverage even if your connection is lost.

Unbeatable GNSS corrections

Trimble CenterPoint RTX™ ensures you never miss a beat with fast, accurate GNSS corrections no matter your location.

The future of your work

Trimble facilitates high quality, productive workflows and data exchange, driving value for a global, diverse user base.

Varied Applications

Trimble transforms data into real-world intelligence using the most progressive, reliable and accurate precision technology to meet needs of varied applications.


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