Trimble Catalyst Handle

Portability in-hand.

The Trimble® Catalyst™ Handle enables you to harness the power of Trimble Catalyst in the palm of your hand. Combine the performance of the Catalyst positioning service and the Trimble DA2 GNSS receiver with the handheld of your choice.

A convenient handheld way to carry out accurate field data collection. The Trimble Catalyst Handle gives you a more portable option for using Trimble Catalyst at your job site.

The Trimble Catalyst Handle GNSS system is designed for versatility and durability, allowing you to connect any Android™ or iOS phone or tablet. With an IP65 rating, it is rugged and long-lasting, making it suitable for harsh environments. Its small and lightweight design ensures portability, providing a convenient solution for fieldwork.

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Trimble Catalyst Handle that makes Trimble Catalyst a handheld solution, offers:

  • Bluetooth connectivity:
  • Platform compatibility:
    Android and iOS
  • Environmental:
    IP65 rated
  • Device orientation:
    Landscape and portrait
  • Device mount:
    Magnetic steel plate
  • Battery:
    Power bank resides inside handle

Absolute flexibility

  • On any iOS or Android™ device, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable positioning system
  • Change your device at any time.
  • Adjust the level of accuracy according to your requirements by activating your Catalyst subscription.
  • Fit special monopole accessory when the need for your desired accuracy is greater than 10cm


  • Simple setup with no surveying pad, stand or backpack for easy movement and transport.
  • It is easy to assemble. Attach the magnetic base to the back of your smartphone or tablet, snap it onto the handle and start getting precise positions on the device in your hand!

The perfect upgrade

  • If you own and operate a Trimble Geo 7X handheld device, the Catalyst Handheld solution is the ideal upgrade proposition for you.
  • The Catalyst Handheld product belongs to the series of high-accuracy data collection solutions using the most modern device platforms.


Below, you will find the main features of the product.

Ultimate comfort and usability

Designed to be convenient and lightweight for easy transport, the Catalyst handle will improve your efficiency while maintaining your comfort during long jobs.

Makes jobs easier to complete

Easy out-of-box assembly gets you up and running in no time. Then, easily maneuver around job sites without a long, bulky survey pole, pole mount, or backpack.

Place in any orientation

Your tablet or phone attaches via a safe magnetic connection. Place your device in landscape or portrait mode to suit your application—the choice is yours.

Varied Applications

Trimble transforms data into real-world intelligence using the most progressive, reliable and accurate precision technology to meet needs of varied applications.

Add your power bank

The handle conveniently holds a power bank to power the DA2 behind a battery door in the handle.

The future of your work

Trimble facilitates high quality, productive workflows and data exchange, driving value for a global, diverse user base.


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