Spectra Precision® UL633 Universal Laser

The Most Versatile Construction Laser Ever Made

You don’t need to be from another planet to realize the uniqueness of UL633. The Spectra Precision® UL633 is the first general purpose laser that has full control of all three axes (X / Y / Z). This is achieved through an all-new “fan beam” technology for the Z-axis. Leveraging the expertise of Spectra Precision, the UL633 is the most advanced and even easier-to-use tool on the job site.

The universal laser can provide precise automatic axes alignments to two desired points without positioning the receivers 90 degrees perpendicular. This allows contractors to perform easily dual axis alignments for applications such as grade work on sports fields, parking lots, tennis courts and driveways. Since the UL633 can work with two receivers simultaneously, contractors can measure an unknown grade value automatically between two elevation points in Grade Match mode.

On jobsites where maximum accuracy and stability is required such as airport runways, elevations can be precisely secured using the automatic Dual Axis PlaneLok feature. This capability locks and maintains the laser reference plane to two receivers placed at existing elevation points, eliminating drift or possible errors caused by vibrations or temperature changes.

Most importantly, our 5-year warranty proves that Spectra Precision lasers are ruggedly built and extremely reliable. The UL633 is designed to maximize the productivity of “your mission” and now it’s also available on earth!

  • Full control of X / Y axes:
    Unlimited dual axis automatic capabilities
    Flexible functions from 10 to 170 degrees
    Ability to measure horizontal angle
  • Absolute control of the Z axis:
    Automatic and manual beam level detection
    Full cross axis compensation
  • Flexible communication



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