Trimble TerraFlex

Simplicity has arrived.

Imagine uniting easy, intuitive field data collection with the power of high-accuracy GNSS positioning in a single, streamlined application. One solution for every step in your workflow. Whether it’s time to modernize your existing data capture solution, or you’re starting from scratch, the Trimble® TerraFlex™ data collection solution checks all the boxes. Stated simply: it just works.

Trimble TerraFlex is cloud-based software that gives you the tools to optimize data collection and delivers high accuracy when you need it.

  • Record information about your assets using custom templates
  • Improve the flow of information between the field and the office
  • Get topographic level accuracy in the data you capture with Trimble GNSS solutions
  • Work anywhere via cloud in real time when you are connected to the network while you can save data even when you are disconnected from the network
  • Integrate directly with Esri geodatabase to improve field data collection for greater productivity and efficiency

Streamlined data collection projects:
Simplify the deployment of consistent data collection projects across your entire organization.

  • Create
    Create customized form templates and share these with your teams in the field.
  • Capture
    Capture the data on your smart devices and sync it back to the office. Take photos, notes, and capture locations; collect new data or keep your existing data up-to-date.
  • Collaborate
    Export and share the data to your organization or store in your system of record. Share data collection projects with your team members; visualize collected data in real-time. Streamlined office-field-office workflows ensure a single source of truth and that everyone is working from the same accurate data.

Sign up

  • Create a Trimble account (or use your existing account if you have one)


  • Log in to Trimble Connect. TerraFlex uses Trimble Connect to set up and organize your measurements and share your files.


  • Log in to TerraFlex on your mobile device.
  • TerraFlex is available from the Google Play Store, Apple Store or download for Windows 10 devices.

Try for free

  • With your Trimble account you can start using TerraFlex for free.
  • When you’re ready, contact our company to upgrade to basic and advanced versions for unlimited use.

Contact us for all available solutions regarding Trimble TerraFlex at 210 8023917 or via email at [email protected].

Features at a glance

Streamlined field operations

From office to field and back again, TerraFlex provides a data collection solution that eliminates complexities and ensures peak efficiency for every member of the team. You focus on collecting the data you need, we’ll take care of connecting the dots.

Accuracy, everywhere

You capture it, we correct it—automatically. Utilizing Trimble's range of high-accuracy GNSS solutions, you get the precision you demand no matter where the job takes you. Easy configuration, zero manual processing, even when working offline.

Effortless adoption & deployment

Trust TerraFlex to work seamlessly across your organization with existing smartphones, tablets and professional data collectors. With easy admin tools and monthly or annual subscription plans, the move to TerraFlex is as simple as it is smart.




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