Flir GF346

Thermal camera for gas detection

The FLIRGF346 infrared thermal camera detects and visualizes carbon monoxide (CO) and 17 other harmful gases quickly and from a safe distance without interrupting the process of any production process. Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions can be a significant threat in steel structures and other industries where this gas must be carefully controlled.

Even the smallest leak in a pipe or pipe can have a devastating effect. To protect safety, environmental protection, and construction investment protection, the FLIR GF346 has the ability to rapidly detect CO emission.

FLIRGF346 thermal cameras can scan large areas as well as specific pinpoints in real time. They are ideal for surveying facilities that are difficult to reach with contact measuring tools. Literally thousands of parts can be scanned per scan without interrupting the production process.

FLIR GF346 infrared thermal cameras reduce repair costs and provide quality assurance of construction. And best of all, they are remarkably safe as the leak is viewed from several meters away.

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